Plant rooms and service risers are amongst the locations where the very versatile and fully fire tested Intucompound, part of the Firetherm range, is routinely utilised to create fire and smoke seals that are also loadbearing.

The gypsum based product is supplied as a dry powder in 20 kg bags containing a mix of lightweight aggregates, inorganic binders and special additives; which is easily mixed on site to fill gaps around pipes, cables and ducting.  The product does not contain asbestos or other fibres, and is ideal for restraining suitable dampers where conventional methods are impractical.

Intucompound is blended 2:1 or 3:1 with clean water to achieve a workable, flowing mix which can also be used in walls.  Loadbearing after 50 hours, it has been subjected to industry standard hard body and soft body impact tests, and can carry a concentrated load of 250 kg.  Installed at the recommended 100mm thickness, the maximum unsupported opening possible is 1100 x 1100 mm (1.21 m²).

When mixed, Intucompound expands slightly to ensure a strong bond with the surrounding substrate, also achieving air pressure resistance of 2000 Pa and an acoustic performance of up to 52 dB.

Testing at two of the UK’s foremost fire research stations have demonstrated Intucompound complies with BS EN 1366-3/4 and BS 476 Part 22, while the product is covered by Certifire certificate number CF 579 and CE Marked with European ETA.

Physically strong and durable, Intucompound is intended for use in dry conditions, but can be made weather resistant through the application of suitable coatings once fully cured. Specifiers can download a technical data sheet from the website or seek further guidance from Firetherm on the use of this multi-purpose, high performance fire-stopping solution.