Intumastic ADL

Fire rated mastic for internal uses

Insulation-240mins Integrity-240mins Optifire-traceable


Suitable for dry internal use only.

Joint widths 0 to 35 mm linear; 30 to 150 mm movement details.

Depth to width ratios 1:1 walls and floors; 1:2 split wall seals.

Can be over-painted using acrylic paints (must be fully cured before over-coating).

Tack free time 15 to 60 minutes, depending on temperature/humidity.


  • œTolerant to building movement
  • œMay be over-painted
  • œFully tested for up to 240 minutes integrity and insulation
  • œOptifire identification
  • œTools off easily with water
  • œAir pressure tested up to 2000 Pa
  • œAcoustic up to 64 dB


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