FP160 Intusleeve Cable

Intumescent closer for cable penetrations

Insulation-120mins Integrity-240mins


FP160 Intusleeve is a steel enclosed closer device for combustible pipes of up to 200 mm. Available in various lengths, it is the perfect solution for angled pipes. FP160 Intusleeve provides service integrity of up to 4 hours, dependent on substrate. It may be used directly in solid or flexible substrates, or within FB750 Intubatt. Additional clips may be required in floor slabs. 

Used to seal combustible pipes as they pass through fire compartment walls and floors. When exposed to fire, the intumescent lining within the metal sleeve expands and fills the space left by the heat softened pipe thus reinstating the fire compartment line. 

The product is suitable for retrofit or maybe installed prior to service installation. When used as a multi-box or cable closer, foam smoke seals should be requested. 



  • Ultra-slim body design ensures easy installation in awkward situations – reduces time on site. 
  • Fully tested at Exova BM TRADA to 2 hours integrity and Insulation in walls
  • Less obtrusive than externally fitted fire collars – better aesthetics 
  • Tested to 2 hours integrity and insulation walls and 4 hours integrity and insulation when used within FR230 Intucompound fire resistance floor seals

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