Our testing covers the prescribed and the unusual. We believe we have carried out more site specific testing than any other Fire Stopping supplier in the UK. This is in addition to the defined testing that has to be carried out fulfilling the requirements of the standard. Firetherm has tested to many other standards around the globe, ensuring our products have a global recognition.

Firetherm trades in the World Market Place. This often means that special products need to be developed to take into account local requirements, site practices and legislation.

Equally we offer guidance and assistance in bespoke concepts that you may require to be fire tested.

Firetherm only use major test houses such as, Chiltern International Fire, Exova, UL, Warrington Fire and the Building Research Establishment.

Firetherm… It’s in the Name.

Research and Development

Firetherm | TestingFiretherm currently have over 60 fire protection products – and are continually improving and developing new products.

Firetherm has an R & D laboratory dedicated to continually looking for future proof solutions and new ways of creating Fire-stopping solutions without damaging the environment.

We can also adapt products to suit different world markets specific application and assist in obtaining the correct local approvals.

Our Insulation and Acoustic development division are currently manufacturing specific products to our customers requests on a daily basis. Foiling/Mineral Fibre Conversions and laminating are our specialty.

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